SensAgro A-3 Water Consumption Meter | Mapsens® Agro

At Mapsens® we know how critical the irrigation factor can be for the correct development of crops, so that maximum production can be obtained from them. For this reason, in the aspect of the transport of a fluid through pipes, a flow sensor has been implemented to obtain information on water consumption, start-up, cut-off and evolution of [...]

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Project Mapsens® Agro | Expansion – Monitoring and optimization of irrigation in intensive olive groves in Argentina

Expansion of an additional 1,500 ha for the monitoring of an intensive olive farm in Argentina using satellite imagery with Mapsens Agro. […]

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Project Mapsens® Solar | Inspection of 49 MW Solar Power Plant in Toledo (2020)

Annual inspection with drones with thermal and RGB camera and Mapsens® Solar processing technology of a 49 MW photovoltaic plant. […]

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Mapsens® Agro Update | Improved fault detection algorithm for sugar cane.

Update of the Mapsens® Agro algorithm for the detection of sugar cane faults. Now it also calculates the development level or height of the crop. […]

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News Mapsens® Golf | Turf moisture and waterlogging maps

The Mapsens® Golf team has developed an index that allows us to accurately map the waterlogged areas of your golf course. Thanks to the multispectral cameras of our drones, we can massively analyze the water content of the turf of the entire course in a short time. […]

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Mapsens® Agro Update – Interactive analysis tool for agronomic inventories.

For customers who have contracted inventory services with drones, the interactive consultation and analysis tool is now available in their Mapsens® Agro account. This tool allows you to work and interactively consult the inventory from a PC, tablet or cell phone. […]

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Golf course irrigation optimization

Water is a scarce and essential resource for the life of animals and plants. In the case of turf, the importance of water is due to its composition, since a large percentage of the plant is made up of water. And in the specific case of turf on golf courses, good condition is essential for maximum performance [...]

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Importance of moisture in crops: MOISTURE (NDMI)

An adequate irrigation system supplies the necessary amount of water at the right time, wetting the soil to the depth required by the crop. Excessive irrigation can be detrimental to the crop as it facilitates the attack of fungi and diseases and a loss of water resources for the farm. If humidity is too low, plant growth [...]

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Automated detection and estimation of oil palm health status

At Mapsens® we continue to develop applications based on machine learning to automate detection tasks. In this post we show you how we are using deep neural networks to detect oil palms in orthophotos taken by drones while estimating their health status. Example of neural network detection. The function presented here allows an automatic inventory to be [...]

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