Water is a scarce and essential resource for the life of animals and plants. In the case of turf, the importance of water is due to its composition, since a large percentage of the plant is made up of water. And in the specific case of turf on golf courses, good condition is essential for maximum performance and enjoyment of the players.

Water requirements for a lawn vary depending on the time of year and geographic location.
When watering the lawn, it is important that the water percolates into the soil and does not remain only on the leaves to prevent the water from evaporating quickly and not reaching the roots. For this it is necessary to provide sufficient quantity.

An efficient irrigation system consists of being able to supply the amount of water required by the lawn in the correct way. Avoiding irrigation in unnecessary areas. To do this in Mapsens we perform 2D and 3D analysis of the amount of water that the turf receives according to the irrigation system available in each golf course, the type of turf used and the geographical location.

On the one hand, we use drone flights to extract the topography of the field. In this way, we know the areas most sensitive to water accumulation, the flow directions, etc.

In the case of an existing irrigation system in the field, a study of the sprinkler irrigation zones is carried out, taking into account the angle of irrigation of the sprinklers and the amount of water that each one provides to the field.
The important thing in irrigation studies is to know the actual amount of water being supplied to the turf and whether the distribution is adequate.

Through a complete analysis, the amount of irrigation that each zone of the hole receives is calculated.

Together with this irrigation information, the appropriate measures will be taken for each situation, either decrease or increase of the irrigation quantity, change in the sprinkler irrigation angle… After these measures, the behavior of the vegetation and its evolution are analyzed by remote sensing to ensure that they have been correct.


In short, Mapsens ® GOLF provides effective information to optimize irrigation and keep the lawn in the right condition.