For customers who have contracted inventory services with drones, the interactive consultation and analysis tool is now available in their Mapsens® Agro account. This tool allows you to work and interactively consult the inventory from a PC, tablet or cell phone.

At Mapsens® we have an agronomic algorithm design service for the inventory of all types of crops (pineapples, agaves, lettuce, etc.). Aware of the need of our customers to be able to use this powerful crop information in an easy and interactive way, we have created a tool to analyze the inventory through Mapsens® in a simple way.


This tool allows to analyze the inventory from a double perspective. Either by using as spatial units the parcels or lots that already have their account included or by drawing the tools on the screen.

The data incorporated at the moment are the number of plants, density, height, volume and diameter but can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

We keep working!