The Mapsens® Golf team has developed an index that allows us to accurately map the waterlogged areas of your golf course. Thanks to the multispectral cameras of our drones, we can massively analyze the water content of the turf of the entire course in a short time.

Drainage problems are a relatively common problem in some fields. These conditions are caused by poor distribution of irrigation and/or field drainage. They cause a lack of oxygen to the roots, an increase in diseases and plant rot. This is in addition to the loss of resources due to water wastage.

The Mapsens® team has developed an algorithm for mapping waterlogged areas with centimeter accuracy. Thanks to our drones with multispectral sensors, we can perform a massive analysis of the water content of the turf over the entire field.

This index classifies the water content of the soil in the field into four levels. High and very high values correspond to water saturated zones.

The work is carried out after the irrigation has finished or after torrential rains have occurred. In this way we have a precise and immediate control of drainage problems.

Knowing precisely the areas affected by poor drainage or irrigation problems allows fine-tuning and cost savings in the application of corrective measures.

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