Inventory and classification by health of an oil palm plantation in San Carlos de Guaroa, Colombia, using drones and artificial intelligence.

In this project the client needed a quick and accurate inventory of the existing palms in his plantation. In addition, in order to control the state of health as well as possible treatments with phytosanitary/herbicides, he needed to know the state of health of each one of the palms.
For this purpose, the Mapsens® Agro team has developed a inventory algorithm that, in addition to geolocate each of the palms, recognizes the state of health through artificial intelligence. The classification system has been very basic, healthy (green color), diseased (yellow color) and dead (red color). In the future, with multispectral data, more complex analyses will be carried out to determine not only the diseased individuals but also to determine the type of condition that generates the pathology (defoliators, lack of nutrients, ML, etc.).
Below is an interactive viewer with a sample of the results of the analysis:



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