Massive and geolocalized inventory of 800 ha/year tropical pineapple plantations in Costa Rica with drone imagery and artificial intelligence algorithms of Mapsens® Agro.

  • Crop: Tropical pineapple
  • Location: Alajuela, San Carlos, Sarapiqui, etc. –  Costa Rica.
  • Surface area: 800 ha / yearly.
  • Data source: Drones (RGB)
  • Main objective: Geolocalized inventory of pineapple plantations.
  • Dates: 2019 – present


Brief description:

Annual inventory/geolocated count service of 800 ha of tropical pineapple. The data is collected with RGB drones and the count is carried out with Artificial Intelligence based detection algorithms from Mapsens® Agro. The data generated is loaded into the application so that the user can consult it interactively, combining it with other data sources of interest as well as the history of previous years.


What’s new in Mapsens® Agro:

  • Interactive counting tool on screen with density calculation:


  • Algorithm improvement to work with different varieties and plantation management: