Farm monitoring of 2,000 ha of intensive olive groves in Argentina using satellite images with Mapsens Agro.

  • Crop: Intensive olive grove.
  • Location: Mendoza, Argentina.
  • Surface area: 2000 ha.
  • Data source: Satellite.
  • Main objective: Irrigation monitoring and optimization.
  • General objective: General control of the plantation.
  • Dates: 2019 – present

Brief description

Analysis every 15 days, based on multispectral images from ESA’s Sentinel-2 satellites, of crop status and evolution using different vigor, moisture, stress and chlorophyll indices. These indices are used to generate evolution maps and alerts that provide a quick and general overview of the specific state of the crop and its progress throughout the season, which facilitates quick and effective management decisions.

All this information is loaded into Mapsens® Agro to be consulted and analyzed in combination with other data sources, such as climatic data, sensor data and field sampling of parameters.