Annual inspection with drones with thermal and RGB camera and Mapsens® Solar processing technology of a 49 MW photovoltaic plant.

Characteristics of the facility:

  • Power: 49 MW
  • Assets to inspect: 2500 groups / 148.500 modules
  • Surface area: 75 ha
  • Location: Toledo
  • Setting up: 2019
  • Inspection: Maintenance, 2020



Brief description:

The work encompasses the performance of the flights/data collection, the processing of the information with Mapsens® detection algorithms, the generation of the report and the uploading of the data to the client’s Mapsens® Solar account. The data are signed by a thermographer with certificate number 2018ES26N005 and level II, from the ITC (Infrared Training Center) and the work has been carried out in accordance with the technical specifications of the IEC TS 62446-3 standard of the IEC (The International Electrotechnical Commission).



What’s new at Mapsens® Solar:

  • Adaptation to IEC TS 62446-3 Standard
  • Report Improvement
  • Improved detection algorithm