Mapsens® Agro Update – Interactive analysis tool for agronomic inventories.

For customers who have contracted inventory services with drones, the interactive consultation and analysis tool is now available in their Mapsens® Agro account. This tool allows you to work and interactively consult the inventory from a PC, tablet or cell phone. […]

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Project Mapsens® Agro | Inventory and health analysis of oil palm in Colombia

Inventory and classification by health of an oil palm plantation in San Carlos de Guaroa, Colombia, using drones and artificial intelligence. […]

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Automated crop inventory with drones and machine learning in Mapsens® Agro

The development of artificial intelligence in recent years, together with the increase in computing power and the immense amount of information available, has led to truly amazing achievements in fields such as language recognition and computer vision. One of the keys to these successes has been the techniques of the so-called deep learning. These techniques are included [...]

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Project Mapsens® Agro | Inventory of 800 ha/year of tropical pineapple in Costa Rica

Massive and geolocalized inventory of 800 ha/year tropical pineapple plantations in Costa Rica with drone imagery and artificial intelligence algorithms of Mapsens® Agro. […]

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